The testimonials in this section reflect the satisfaction of clients who have chosen to tell us how happy they are using the WEC SYSTEM and the after care and monitoring service we provide.

Since becoming part of the WEC SYSTEM and using their MAP we have been more than impressed with the impact that the strategies have made to our financial position. We now know exactly what we spend and where we have spent it, which has helped make us comfortable to purchase our first investment property. The service and advice that all WEC staff has offered has been of a high standard and has assisted us in every aspect of our finances and investing. We sincerely thank you and look forward to growing together with the WEC SYSTEM family.

J & A Abbot, Morley, Western Australia

Four years ago I had trouble paying my mortgage and totally confused about managing money. I was spending more than what I was earning and the credit cards were constantly going over the limit. I knew I had to do something but no where to go until I was introduced to the WEC SYSTEM using their MAP. This system put me right on track and today I have cut my mortgage down to a comfortable level and I have only one credit card bill which I am comfortably managing nicely. I am extremely happy with the WEC SYSTEM which has helped me buy an investment property and helped me take control of my finances. If you know what is yours to spend and what is not life becomes easy.

S & N Naumoski, Balga, WA

We have seen our loan reduce from $95,000 to $77,000 over the first 11 months. After 10 months on the program we have been able to purchase an investment. We are convinced that if we stick to the program we will have guaranteed results.

Paul & Susan Brown

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support over the last 2 years, and that of your team who have been on hand for our every query. Your system has been very successful and it has worked extremely well with our changing lifestyle. What we have learnt from the program and through your monitoring has formed great financial habits which have set us on the right financial path for life. Once again, thank you.

Nicholas & Kellianne Giannagostino

We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us. Since meeting you seven years ago we have been able to buy an investment property, travel to Europe, go to Thailand (4 times), and update our car twice. We have now sold our investment property and paid our house off with money left over to invest. During this time I was able to take a year off and most importantly we have our beautiful baby girl. We look forward to making our future even brighter. Once again thank you very much. Kind Regards.

Dijana, Paul & Alisija Simic

We know where we are going every month it has taken the stress out of our relationship

W.B. Australind WA

We never worry about money anymore.

T.W. Eaton WA

We pay the bills on time every time and have paid more off our mortgage in the last 9 months than we did over the last 5 years on the same income!

D.G. Mandurah WA

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