Wealth Education and Coaching S.Y.S.T.EM (WECS) has been created to help all working Australians better their current financial situation.

We are an Australian owned and operated company dedicated to providing wealth education and coaching to all those in need.

Founders Michel Aliphon and Rosanna Mancuso have been working in the Financial Services Industry for over 20 years. Michel is also a licensed real estate agent and has been in the real estate industry since 1997. Both Michel and Rosanna have formed strategic alliances with key professionals within the financial services and investment arena, who are there to provide their advice and support at all times. They believe financial and retirement goals with no SYSTEM will fail. However, if you have a good PLAN and work with a good SYSTEM your chances of achieving financial independence is greatly increased.

This new financial service and wealth education and coaching system understands and meets the needs of everyday working Australians.

There are many companies promoting wealth creation through a myriad of investment vehicles such as seminars - but if someone is spending a dollar more than they earn (and most Australians are) then it is not sustainable and cannot work long term.

This Wealth Education and Coaching (WEC) System is a service and a system which helps people take control of their cash flow first, and then position them to create wealth far safer, faster and with more certainty than ever before.

The FinanciallySmart products available through our WEC SYSTEM is a simple, yet very powerful Personal Money Management system and service which enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results.

Clients using the WEC SYSTEM experience improved lifestyle choices, greater peace of mind and a real sense of security. They are reducing debt fast and building assets safely. Click here for real live testimonials.

With our WEC SYSTEM we work with you and coach you on a monthly basis and over time new habits are developed as you begin to understand how banks and the money system works.

Our WEC SYSTEM using the Master Achiever Program (MAP) is regarded as the premier personal money management system in Australia today. The MAP product is highly recognised by the Financial Planning, accounting and banking sectors.


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