Master Achiever Program (MAP)

The MAP is an exceptional personal money management SYSTEM designed to put you on a path to financial freedom. This MAP will give you a life-long, big picture control of where you are today and where you will be tomorrow. The program is very easy to understand and comes with a 2 year (one on one) mentoring assistance with a FinanciallySmart Consultant.

MAP using our WEC System

The Program will give you a life-long, big picture control. Best of all its easy to understand and comes with professional assistance every step of the way.

It's an overall, holistic strategy for your financial life.

The Program is genuine fee-for-service, so it’s completely unbiased and maintains its integrity.


This is a system so simple yet so powerful that almost everyone can achieve remarkable results. Although the benefits are numerous and they will vary from client to client depending on their circumstance, situation, desire etc., it will fundamentally deliver the following benefits to you:

  • Peace of mind and reduced stress that comes from knowing that you have complete control over your money matters.
  • You will know exactly where you are now and have a very clear plan of where you are going.
  • You will understand clearly on a month by month basis what is required to achieve your goals and objectives.
  • You will be provided with the whole picture this is critically important how much you earn, borrow, spend, save, invest, donate, or just enjoy!
  • It links all aspects of your financial life together.
  • The dynamic nature of the program i.e. updates where required, will ensure that it remains relevant to your current situation at all times.
  • Reducing debt this is very powerful a proven technique of rapidly increasing equity and reducing debt based on a 2 stage strategy.
  • Accelerate security and wealth obviously as a result of building equity more rapidly this provides financial safety and security and the opportunity for further investment if required.
  • Maintaining quality of life today is very important! - all areas of the reports and plans are provided with a balanced approach - keeping it safe and making sure all areas of the financial situation including lifestyle, is managed correctly.
  • Having a plan and a goal possibly the most appreciated aspect of the service. You will know exactly how long it will take to build sufficient equity and when to and if, to purchase further assets or investments if you require. Also, it will describe to you how much income you will need. This section provides a highly accurate and detailed financial forecast showing how it all works. This is also adjusted on a continual basis to reflect current circumstances.
  • Daily money management techniques this ensures that everything performs to its maximum potential. Often people may have great investments for example, but they don't realise the full benefit of it because other money issues undo the hard work of their investment strategies.

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