I've never been able to stick to a budget; will I be able to do this?

That's hardly surprising as we know categorically that budgets don't work, so firstly don't be too hard on yourself! What we have and teach people is quite different. It's not about budgeting; it's simply about understanding what is ours to spend and what is not. The system is so simple that it is easier to do it than not to do it. We are certain that you will be able to be successful with this and we are here to help you.

Is this something I have to do myself on a computer?

No it's not something you will be left to do on your own with a computer program. The software is extremely sophisticated and requires expert training. It has been developed to assist us in delivering our service to you. We do all the hard work for you. You simply enjoy the benefits.

What is the cost?

Under normal circumstances you will need to pay for the plan generated. Because you have accessed our system and made an enquiry through the internet we have waived the requirement to pay for the plan. However the 24 months guaranteed mentoring support is self funded from the program. The 24 monthly fee is small when compared to the hundreds of thousands of dollars you will save in unnecessary interest payments to the bank (depending in your loan size and term). The 24 monthly fee will be disclosed during the presentation of your tailored plan.

Do I have to change banks or lenders?

No, not necessarily, unless of course it was blatantly obvious from our initial analysis that you would be significantly better off in doing so; and even then it remains your choice. Most lending institutions have all the products needed; you may even have a suitable finance structure already. However your current finance structure will need to be examined or reviewed from a qualified person to ensure you will be receiving the desired benefit. We then work with you over time to show you how to make the most of the program.

Will I have to change my lifestyle?

Generally no, however if you have been living well in excess of your income then obviously we will need to work with you first to identify how we can help you get into a position of spending less than you earn. We find most people are able to maintain their current level of lifestyle…. For many it actually increases!

My circumstances are about to change, is it still worth doing?

Yes, one of the main reasons the service exists is to help people navigate the continual changes in their financial circumstances. When you are on the program you're able to compare different choices and decide with confidence which will best fit your long term financial goals. So whether you're simply thinking of a career change, getting married, starting a family, relocating, buying or selling houses, or paying for your children's higher education, MAP will help you make those choices with absolute confidence.

I don't have a property yet, I am still trying to save for a deposit. Will this still help?

Yes, in most circumstances we can work with you to accelerate the rate at which you are a building your deposit getting you into your own home much sooner. The initial analysis and report will identify if your circumstances are suitable or not.

How long has the MAP Product been available?

The MAP Product has been in successful operation for over 9 years and has been delivered to thousands of thankful Australians through professional organizations such as WECS.

How will I know that it will actually work in my situation?

We will not work with any client until we can first prove to ourselves and the client that the service will be of significant benefit. This is done by completing a full report for you based on your current circumstances and plans up front.

Does it mean you will have control of my bank accounts?

No, not ever. You remain in full control of your accounts and the money you spend at all times.

I am very busy does it take a lot of time to do?

Once the program is fully operational it is very simple and in fact will only take 10 minutes of your time per month excluding the 6 monthly personal visits with you. You must remember here that we do all of the hard work.

Will I have to attend seminars and courses?

No, all materials are provided to you directly to be reviewed at your own pace and you are provided with one on one coaching and mentoring. This may take place at our offices or in the comfort of your home.

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